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Chizzy Tes Naturals

Chizzy Tes Naturals is a beauty company in Nigeria. We specialise in producing beauty products from natural materials. Our Products is widely used without side effect. It has prove to be transforming without any negative impact on the skin.

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About Us

We are a natural skincare that is focused on delivering the best natural products using plant based extracts to enhance and improve your skin.
We pride in excellent customer relationship management whilst delivering top quality products without compromise

Our Vision

To bring out the hidden beauty in everyone using natural formulas and to brings smiles to face of many through our specialised beauty products.

Our Mission

To eradicate the use of harmful chemicals as an approach to skincare and beauty thereby creating a healthy skin glow using natural plant based products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our orders may take 5-7 days if you stay outside Lagos, 1-3 days with in Lagos.

We do not have promotion codes. We hold specials and sales regularly throughout the year.

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